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Hydrographic (Boating) Charts - Northwestern Ontario

Canadian hydrographic charts, lake mapsCanadian Hydrographic Charts offer boaters and anglers the critical information they need to safely navigate major water bodies in Northwestern Ontario. Produced in various scales, the Charts are available for all of Rainy Lake, Lake of the Woods and a large portion of the Winnipeg River System. These maps identify boating paths, locations of navigation hazards, and water depths. The numbered water depths makes them great for identifying underwater structures and fish locations. The series of charts for Lake of the Woods are made of water resistant tyvack and are a must if you plan to fish or boat on this lake. Maps for Rainy Lake and the Winnipeg River System from Lake of the Woods north to Minaki, Ontario are paper.

To order your chart or to see what is available, visit The Map Office. You can also call toll free at 1-877-627-7226.

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Hydrographic Charts
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