Canadian Fishing Maps
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Canadian Fishing Maps

Canadian Fishing MapIf you're visiting Ontario for our spectacular fishing, then you may want to obtain a fishing map for the lake you'll be staying at. These maps show water depths, surface structure and other features that will help you narrow down the best parts of the lake for different species of fish. These maps are of great help to anglers. Major bodies of water such as Lac Seul, Red Lake, Cedar Lake and Eagle Lake all have detailed depth maps as do about 30 other lakes. Depth are most often shown in metres because Canada follows the metric system of measurement. All you need to remember is 1 metre is approximately equal to three feet. Along with your GPS unit to help you with navigation, these maps will be a big asset when you fish these big Canadian lakes. They eliminate a lot of the guesswork as to what the "best fishing spots" on the lake may be.

How to Order your Canadian Fishing Map

To order your Canadian Fishing Map, you can visit The Map Office or call them toll free at 1-877-627-7226.

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Canadian Fishing Maps
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